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Inspection of original filter
Inspection of housing status, AR of product,
and IR surface
Inspection for foreign substances, staining,
S/C, spots, and chipping
Camera module inspection , Lens & Filter
Wafer die inspection
LED , Semiconductor die inspection
CCD, CMOS  sensor inspection


Vision System Camera Resolution Area Camera 4K (4096Fixel)
Optical FOV (mm) 7mm
Resolving Power(H x V , ㎛) 1.95㎛
Moving Stage(Motor & Robot)   Ball Screw & Servo Motor
Isolated I/O Board (contact signal control)

  Image processing Graphic User Interface Option and recipe setting and management Motion Control
Minimum inspection size of particles   About 10㎛
Light System   Special Lighting System optimized to IR-Filter
As the camera and the computer may be influenced by the vibration of a system when installing devices and structures, separate installation of them is recommended. The specification may be changed depending upon the condition.
User Interface

  Possible detection and     classification by
    quantity and type
    (Particle, S/C, Stain, Spot,     Chipping)

  Easy registration and     modification of the
    setup by model using the     User Interface

  Easy collection of the     data related with
    defect type and quantity

 Possible movement to     the position of inspection     filter

 Possible input of various     kinds users information

User Interface for Users’ Convenience_img