Monitoring + DATA Storage
Specific Features
No arc lamp or fan
No mechanical scanning
Perfect field measurement
Short measurement time (actual measurement time)
3D image recording (4D)
Synchronized sensor ensemble
Possible portable use
Battery is optional
Industrial application
Industrial application


Monitoring of the dimensions of outer
package vessel

Quality assurance of welded part

Measurement of the volume of PCB soldering


Cutting and separation of salmon filleting

3D guided pick-up

Highly reliable object recognition

Improved actuality

Test and prevention of vehicle collision

Portable shape testing

Manufacture of aerospace area

Non-industrial application

Scientific investigation

Sketching of tires or shoes

Observation of criminal place
Confirmation of empty cartridges

Scientific investigation

Orthopedic treatment (foot and backbone)

Plastic Surgery
Monitoring of patient’s position in radiotherapy

Measurement of Lifetime

Convenient registration

3D background for access by the body


Screening of the common body types and foot dimensions

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