Classification Spec
Vision System
Compensation of Lens value with application of Vision System
Accomplishment of high precision level with application of Vision System
Moving Stage(Motor & Robot) Application of linear or Servo Motor Isolated
I/O Board (contact signal control)

Image processing
Option and recipe setting and managemen
Motion Control
Driving System Improvement of productivity and production efficiency with
application of Dual Head
Light System Lighting System with optimized Lens Assembly
User Interface
 Possible compensation of Lens value with application of Vision System
 Possible precise compensation of mounting height with application of Height Sensor
 Satisfaction of mounting specifications with setting the torque value for lens mounting
 Convenience for users with use of easy interface to set or change the model
 Precise control with Linear or Servo Motor
Items Single Head Dual Head
Tack Time of Equipment 6 sec 6 sec
Tack Time of Product 6 sec 3 sec
HPU 600 1,200
Operation Rate (90%) 540 1,080
Daily Production (20hrs) 10,800 21,600
Monthly Production (25days) 270,000 540,000
Monthly Production (28days) 302,400 604,800
Variable depending upon the specifications of products