Specific Features
XP Embedded System Base
Very Precise Image Resolution (Max. 1/40 pixel)
Possible registration of Image Mark
Possible separated application of “Vision + Align” to each motion
No requirement for additional program or A/S
Possible multi-channel camera access
Possible access of high-resolution camera
Possible 4-axis motion control

Applicable stage:XYθ-Z ,UVW -Z

Number of accessible comers: 1, 2, 3, and 4 channels

Vision resolution: 1/4 pixel (max. 1/40 pixel – Optional)

Accessible camera:VGA(640x480): high-resolution camera(1280x1024)-option

Accessible Motor : Step Motor, Servo Motor

Motion Control :4-axis, synchronized,
8MHz control is possible.

External input/output:RS-232C, Digital I/O, Ethernet


Alignment to combine upper and lower LCD panels

Alignment of PDP lightening inspection system

Alignment of Organic EL Evaporator

Alignment of UV Exposer

Alignment of COG Bonding Machine

Alignment of Screen Printer

Alignment of Flip Chip Bonding Machine

Alignment to assemble Handset Camera

Possible application to the equipment requiring high precision


KA-100M: 4-axis control, VGA (640x480)

KA-1000: High resolution (1280x1024)

KA-1000M: 4-axis control, high resolution (1280x1024)


Input Power: Single-Phase, 220V AC

Alignment of PDP lightening inspection system

Localization of the core parts of aligner and possible OEM supply
Frame Grabber : Development in Mar 2004
Motion Control Board : Development in Jan 2005